• I've been playing mahjongg since my aunt taught me in 1961.  I love the game and promised my aunt I would spread the word!  I've taught hundreds of people to play and it's caught on.
  • Print out the rules free from my  Rules Page.
  • Read in-depth analysis on the Mahj Blog
  • Bryant Park Mah Jongg will return in the summer!  
  • Mahjongg at Penn Plaza coming Winter 2015
  • Send an e-mail if you want private coaching or if you are looking for a game, head on down to the park. 

  • Looking for a mahjongg instructor or coach in the New York metro area?  E-mail me at


  1. I downloaded the new version but there are no other players.
    Why are the players so cut throat on the other version?
    I'm new to the on line game, but not new to game.

    1. Hello - the new version is still being beta tested and not a lot of users are on as of yet. I personally am having problems connecting with my iPad though I can use Firefox on my PC.
      You may find if you play at a slower table - 9 minutes or more - the players are more patient and less cutthroat. If you have other friends who are online you can arrange to "meet" them and play with people you know. Don't give up!