Wednesday, January 9, 2013

About Me

Licensed tour guide, mahjongg maven, VR enthusiast...

Don't stop playing!

  • Want to know more about Queens, but don't want to go it alone?  Take my Queens 101 tour - learn all about Queens by walking the streets of Elmhurst - and learn why it's the borough of choice for people from 180 different countries.
  • Do you remember the World's Fair?  Learn the history of Robert Moses' pet project, and how it almost became Disneyland East!  From the "Valley of Ashes" to the U.S. Open, this tour of the City's second-largest park will bring a new appreciation for what it has to offer.  
  • Virtual walks and Zoom talks also available!
  • Want to know more about National Mah Jongg League mahjongg?  Check out my blog or my rules page - click the Mahjongg tab above.  Private lessons available.  
  • Do you play on Real Mah Jongg?  Join our Zoom mahjongg meetup - email for details.
  • NEW!  Tour guide to the Metaverse!  Do you want to know more about Virtual Reality or the metaverse? Did you just get a VR headset?  Contact me for VR lessons or Zoom conference to see what it's all about!