Queens 101 (Elmhurst) Tour!

Highlights of the Elmhurst tour.  Learn why Queens is Queens and that's the way we like it

The Jamaica Savings Bank - Is it a landmark or isn't it?
Midcentury Modern lives in Queens

Queens Style Flemish Renaissance - What C.B.J. Snyder knew.

Not the first time Queens has pushed back!

This tour covers:
  • Queens' part in religious freedom
  • The true origins of Queens' diversity
  • Queens neighborhood history
  • The myth of the "outer borough"
Elmhurst contains Queens' (and NYC's) oldest and newest architecture and is one of the most ethnically diverse census tracts in the country.  From Peter Stuyvesant to Amazon, Queens has refused to be defined by outside interests.  Never hip, but always cool, Queens has forged its own identity as a place where "real" New Yorkers live and work.  See for yourself as we stroll the streets!

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